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Slab Formwork


Fast, efficient, labour-saving solution for concrete slab construction

Ideal for complicated shapes

MEVA HN slab formwork is easy to adapt to changing slab layouts. The secondary beams can be placed and slide freely within the primary beams and adjusted to accommodate complicated shapes and provide more flexibility around columns and demanding geometries.

MEVA HN’s innovative design means that if the project design does not allow one more primary beam to fit in the beam row, you can simply change the assembly direction by 90°.

The MEVA HN slab forming system features drop heads for early stripping of beams and facing while props remain to support the concreted slab. That allows for a fast cycle process and material savings up to 40%.

Designed for seamless integration with the MEP and MEVA32 system, MEVA HN is the versatile choice you need for your project.


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Meva HN Assembly

Assembly generally begins in a corner for easy erection in both directions. The rows of primary beams are assembled parallel to the longer wall.



By having the ability to place a primary beam perpendicular to another primary beam, MEVA HN offers flexibility to form easily and efficiently around columns and shear walls.


MEVA Drop head

Easy attachment to primary beam. Permits lowering of the formwork by 7.5“ (19 cm), so beams can be easily removed and used for the next shoring cycle. Drop head allows for a larger grid pattern, more clearance & for faster stripping and cycling.


Slab edge and cantilever

Free slab edges can be achieved using an MD prop connector, MD beam stiffener, and MD guard railing post. The connector allows for direct support of cantilevering primary beams, with the integrated eye permitting the formwork to be anchored with a tie down chain.


MD prop connector



MEVA HN can be used in conjunction with the MEP shoring systems, making its range of applications wider and more flexible than other systems.

Easy to use

Primary and secondary beam method

  • Assembly begins in a corner for easy formation in both directions; primary beams are assembled parallel to the longer wall
  • Ability to switch forming direction at any time
  • Primary beams can be connected 90° to another primary beam so the direction can be changed to form
  • around obstacles such as columns and shear walls

Less compensation areas are required

  • Because the secondary beams can be placed into the primary beam anywhere along its length and are not on a fixed grid, less filler areas are necessary

MEVA drop head 

  • Allows for faster stripping and cycling
  • The drop head permits lowering of the formwork by 7½” (19cm)
  • Only the post shores with drop heads remain in position to support the weight of the slab until the concrete is strong enough to support its own weight

Adjusts for length and unusual geometries

  • If the building design does not allow one more primary beam to fit in the beam row, you can simply change the direction by 90°

Complete formwork solutions

  • Use your choice of facing
  • Achieve a wide range of slab thicknesses

Simple solutions for complex designs
MEVA HN’s ability to place a primary beam perpendicular to another primary beam means it forms easily and efficiently. It is ideal for:

  • All typical slab applications

For more detailed technical information please refer to the download tab which contains PDF information about this product.

Technical Information



40cm, 60cm, 80cm and 160cm.


Primary Beam: 270cm, 210cm, 160cm and 80cm.
Secondary Beam: 160cm and 80cm.
Compensation Beam:210cm, 160cm, 80cm, 60cm and 40cm.

Slab Thickness

Wide range of thicknesses possible.


Grid Independent.

Drophead Stripping


Protective coating

Powder coating for high ease of cleaning and reduced concrete adhesion.

Assembly Method

Primary- and-secondary-beam method (HN).


3S, Plywood.


MEVA32, MEP, Props.

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