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Wall Formwork

Mammut XT

High-performance, economical solution for large-scale construction

Variable tying with minimal effort

MEVA’s new Mammut XT system is ­setting new standards in building construction and civil engineering. Large-area formwork has never been this flexible and easy to use – with 30% less formwork time and significantly fewer components, it’s high-performance, efficient and cost effective.
Every construction site is unique, and the formwork requirements vary from project to project. Thanks to the smart combination tie hole recessed in the frame, select between three tying methods with a flick of the wrist, saving time and effort.

The flush integrated combination tie hole also enables the panels to be stacked without having to remove parts beforehand. Mammut XT panel dimensions and the symmetrical inner tie holes result in a uniform tie hole pattern and a uniform joint pattern for the highest-quality aesthetically pleasing architectural-concrete requirements.

The Mammut XT panels have solid plastic alkus facing, which has all the positive properties of plywood as well as a longer lifespan, greater load bearing capacity, better nail-holding ability, fewer and easier repairs and 100% recyclability.

The XT taper tie rod and single-sided tying achieves fast construction with lower labour costs. You save the use of flange nuts, grooved tubes, tools and scaffolding on the initial formwork side, carrying out your work in just a few steps.

To change the tie position or remove the XT sealing cones, all you need is the combi-lever instead of expensive special tools or attachments. Practical assembly lock holders mean you’ll achieve more efficient construction processes through simplified logistics.


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The flexible wall formwork system


Flange screw
Single component for strong connection of all accessories, such as brackets, push-pull
props and alignment rails.


Multi-function profile
Made from closed hollow aluminium profiles with welded-in DW 15 nuts for rapid, structurally continuous connection of accessories, all attached with MEVA flange screw.


Assembly lock holder
The MEVA assembly lock holders are integrated into the cross stiffeners of the Mammut XT panels with a width of 250cm and 125cm. This simplifies the construction site logistics.


A tie hole system for formwork

Combination tie hole
with a rotating body for single-sided and two-sided tying (three tying methods). They can also compensate for angular misalignments up to 4° between adjacent and height-extended panels.


Closed hollow profile
For high stability and long service life.


Hot dip galvanised frame
To facilitate cleaning and reduce concrete adhesion.
Considerable time and resources are saved on cleaning the formwork due to its reduced concrete adhesion.


Transport holes
Designed to take the lifting hook 60 for rapid loading/unloading and movement of panel stacks.


Bump notches
Fitted at four corners for panel widths of 125cm and more to simplify adjustment and alignment with crow bar.


M-assembly lock
Only one component is needed for rapid, reliable panel connection: the MEVA assembly lock. Allows single-handed fitting at any position along frame. A few hammer blows suffice to achieve strong, level, stepless panel connection.


Tie rod fixture
For fixing to multi-purpose profile of upright or horizontal Mammut XT panels – for fast and safe transportation on site.


alkus all-plastic facing
No water absorption. Resistant to swelling and shrinkage. The smooth, robust surface guarantees a high-quality concrete finish, even after heavy use.


  • Up to 8.75m² contact area per panel (350 x 250cm)
  • For storey heights up to 350cm without vertical extension


  • Permissible fresh concrete pressure (to DIN 18218) over entire surface of 100kN/m² (DIN 18202, Tab. 3, Line 7)

Universal application in industrial construction and civil engineering

Closed hollow steel profile

  • Structurally robust
  • Torsion-proof
  • Hot-dip galvanised to facilitate cleaning and reduce concrete adhesion

Smart multifunctional profile

  • Welded-in Dywidag nuts
  • All accessories, e.g. brackets, push-pull props and alignment rails, attached with MEVA flange screw

Combination tie hole integrated into the formwork frame

  • No assembly time for additional parts and accessories
  • No loose parts
  • Simple handling

Initial and final formwork are identical

Intelligent MEVA product design

  • MEVA assembly lock for a structurally continuous connection with only a few hammer blows
  • Bump notches for panel widths of 125cm and more to ­simplify adjustment and alignment with crow bar
  • High-quality alkus all-plastic facing with 7-year warranty

Compatible with Mammut 350

Cost-effective, universal system
The Mammut XT wall formwork is a crane-dependent frame formwork system made of hot-dip galvanised and post-treated steel. It is ideal for use in:

  • High-rise developments
  • public, commercial and industrial construction
  • civil engineering projects.

For more detailed technical information please refer to the download tab which contains PDF information about this product.

Technical Information

Permissible fresh concrete pressure (to DIN 18218) over entire surface of 100kN/m² (DIN 18202, Tab. 3, Line 7).


Steel. Structurally robust. Torsion-proof.


350cm, 300cm, 250cm, 125cm.


250cm, 125cm, 100cm, 75cm, 50cm, 25cm.

Largest panel size

Up to 8.75m² contact area per panel (350 x 250cm).


60mm, closed steel profile. High stability and durability.

Protective Coating

Hot-dip galvanised, surface post-treatment. Easy cleaning and reduced concrete adhesion.

Crane Independent

No. Requires crane assistance.

Tying system

Combination tie hole integrated into the frame. Three tying methods within one system.


Panels: M assembly lock. Stepless, friction-locked with just a few hammer blows.
Accessories: Welded-in DW-15 nuts, for quick and force-fit attachment of accessories with a single flange screw.


Symmetrical panels. Can be used horizontally and vertically.


Compensation Panel, Fillers.


Three outside corners (side lengths 0, 10 and 15cm) one inside corner (side lengths 35 and 40cm). Corners formed quickly and easily for all wall thicknesses in 5cm increments.


High-quality alkus all-plastic facing with 7-year warranty.


Mammut 350.

SecuritBasic system

Includes platforms, access ­ladders, safety cages, front railings, brace frames and side railings in one system.

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