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EuMax Pro

High-performance; all-round; all-purpose prop range

Easy to use and time saving

EuMax Pro can take on all construction site challenges. Flexible lengths, loads up to 30kN, durability and integrated safety features will help you save money, time and space on site.

EuMax Pro’s comprehensive range of construction props is suitable for slab formwork from 98 to 550cm and offers safety and quality with load capacities from 20 to 30kN.

The high-grade galvanised finish means this system is durable, low maintenance and requires minimal cleaning.

EuMax Pro provides type-tested safety, from certified production according to DIN ISO 9001.


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Simply smart

  • Cranked G-hook for ergonomic working
  • Easy length adjustment thanks to numbered holes on inner tube
  • Continuous loads of 20 or 30 kN
  • Hand injury protection, inner tube protected from sliding out
  • Large range for fine adjustment, cast-iron setting ring (nut)
  • Prop to DIN EN 1065, production certified to DIN ISO 9001

Optimal construction support
Comprehensive range of construction props is suitable for slab formwork from 98 to 550cm.
Offers safety and quality with load capacities from 20 to 30kN.

For more detailed technical information please refer to the download tab which contains PDF information about this product.

Technical Information

Minimum load capacity:
EuMax Pro 30: 30kN.
EuMax Pro 20: 20kN.




EuMax Pro 30: EN1065 Class E.
EuMax Pro 20: EN1065 Class D.


EuMax Pro 30: 150cm, 250cm, 350cm, 450cm.
EuMax Pro 20: 300cm, 400cm, 550cm.




EuMax Pro 30/150 (98-150cm)
EuMax Pro 30/250 (152-250cm)
EuMax Pro 30/350 (202-350cm)
EuMax Pro 30/450 (252-450cm)

EuMax Pro 20/300(177-300cm)
EuMax Pro 20/400(232-400cm)
EuMax Pro 20/550(302-550cm)

Special Features

Large range for fine adjustment.


Self-cleaning external thread.


Inner tube protected from sliding out.
Hand injury protection as internal tube still.
projects by 10cm in retracted position.

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