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Circular Column Formwork


The perfect all-rounder for columns and curved shapes

Top architectural concrete quality.

Circo provides MEVA’s intelligent product design as standard. It offers the perfect flexible solution for circular columns or round wall closures, meeting all ­fair-faced concrete requirements. It is quickly assembled with two half-shell elements and easily locked with the MEVA assembly lock.

The steel formwork comprises two identical ­semi-circular column units. High-grade priming and cavity sealing provide reliable protection against corrosion, making it easy to clean. Circo formwork can accommodate a maximum fresh concrete pressure of 120kN/m².

Circo can be combined with AluStar, StarTec, Mammut 350 and Mammut XT wall formwork panels to form rounded wall ends.


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Consistency at its best


Aligned perfectly

Create perfectly aligned vertical extensions by special connecting flanges (turned in pairs).


Circo platform
For Circo circular column formwork with access hatch and foldable side and rear protection.

Platform covering
Non-slip aluminium plate flooring for extra safety.


Circo scaffold bracket
Galvanized. Attached to the Circo 2 flange screws and with an integrated
hammerhead screw to the Circo platform.


Brace frame


Circo units
Semi-circular formwork units for circular columns.


M assembly locks
Secure fixing with MEVA assembly locks. A few hammer blows will achieve a strong, level, five-point panel connection.


Integrated ladder configuration.


Connection to straight walls
Creation of rounded wall ends.


Straightforward bracing
Using standard MEVA components.

Ingenuity down to the finest detail

  • Perfectly aligned vertical extension by special connecting flanges
  • High-precision fit for stepless vertical ­extension

Safe and secure Circo platform

  • Circular column formwork with access hatch and foldable side and rear protection
  • Platform covering
  • Non-slip aluminium plate flooring

Circo units

  • Semi-circular ­formwork units for circular columns
  • Connection to straight walls
  • Creation of rounded wall ends

Optimum column height and diameter increments

  • 3m tall units with 1m and 0.5m extensions to cater for all standard heights in 50cm increments
  • Diameters in 5 cm increments from 25 to 80cm

Architectural concepts
Circo is ideal for creating corporate circular columns with fair-faced finishes as a design feature in projects such as:

  • framed buildings or halls
  • basement car parks
  • bridge piers
  • underground stormwater storage tanks

For more detailed technical information please refer to the download tab which contains PDF information about this product.

Technical Information

Permissible fresh concrete pressure of 120kN/m².

Column Types


Column Unit Height

300cm, 100cm and 50cm

Height Increments


Column Heights

Up to 900cm


25cm to 80cm

Diameter Increments



Steel. Structurally robust. Torsion-proof



Protective Coating

High-grade priming and cavity sealing provide reliable protection against corrosion and facilitate cleaning (KTL/ACC-coated)


Column Panels: M assembly lock


Identical semi-circular column panels


AluStar, Mammut 350, Mammut XT. To form rounded wall ends.

Integrated System

Working platform with non-slip aluminium plate flooring and integrated access hatch and ladder

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