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New: AluFix Column Panels

User-friendliness and flexibility are the hallmarks of MEVA’s successful AluFix hand-set formwork system. Its wide-ranging applications, with crane-free deployment for casting foundations, walls, even floor slabs, have now been further extended: 150 and 300 cm tall AluFix column panels now allow inch-perfect shuttering in 5 cm increments for column cross-sections of up to 60 x 60 cm side length.

The centre-punched rear face of the durable alkus all-plastic facing, with its seven-year warranty, simplifies manual drilling of the required tie holes. Special alkus plugs allow these to be closed off flush using the same material. A low weight of only 20.70 kg/m² and the ergonomic grip profile vouch for non-strenuous handling of the panels.

Versatility trumps all: the column panels are equipped with all the time-tested AluFix functions and can also serve as standard panels. The full-surface fresh concrete load capacity runs to 50 kN/m² for three rows of ties and a full 75 kN/m² where four rows of ties, push-pull props and shoe plates are used.

The modular system comprising closed aluminium profiles with a high-grade, powder-coated finish, only few connectors and a wide range of panel heights and widths is readily adaptable to numerous geometries. It offers a long service life and delivers top-quality concreting results on residential, commercial and civil engineering projects, refurbishment contracts as well as garden architecture and landscaping schemes.

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