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SchalungsDruck German Customer magazine from MEVA

Dive into the latest issue of FormworkPress – available now!

The new FormworkPress October 2023 edition has arrived! Discover in our customer magazine how our partners tackle various challenges in the implementation of concrete construction projects. Learn how MEVA’s smart solutions and technical innovations simplify work on your construction...

Simply smart slab formwork

The requirements during slab construction are wide-ranging: in-situ concrete or prefabricated parts, small cellar ceilings up to surfaces with thousands of square metres, slab thicknesses, slab heights, challenging floor plans, compensations, architectural concrete requirements … all these factors mean...

Green electricity from sunlight

Generating renewable energy is a major factor in the Black Forest region in the south-west of Germany. MEVA is increasingly relying on photovoltaic (PV) systems as a clean way to produce ­electricity, as solar power can be produced directly...

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