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News about MEVA as a global company, it’s staff, mission, vision, values and reputation as an innovative company established over 50 years.

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AS assembly locks that are used on wall formwork

Foundation formwork made even simpler

1981 saw MEVA unveil its novel “Alu-Wand + Decke” (“Alu Wall + Slab”) aluminium formwork system that combined unusually low weight with high stability. Now known as “AluFix”, the lightweight, crane-independent formwork has since seen a number of refinements...


Slab formwork design 2.0 with BIM²form

The design and construction of horizontal formwork are often given lower priority in CAD applications, without satisfactory automation. In tandem with its partner BIM², MEVA is looking to tap still-unexploited potential in order to boost the efficiency of building...

The offices of Acropol Group headquarters

MEVA acquires Acropol

Through purchase of the Acropol Group, MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH from Haiterbach is strengthening its presence in Belgium and Luxembourg. The takeover of the formwork and shoring tower rental company with a 25-strong staff encompasses the sites at Landen/Belgium and...


50 years of MEVA – Pioneer and trendsetter

The young Gerhard Dingler had the right instincts 50 years ago when, seeing his future in construction, he founded DINGLER Baugeräte GmbH & Co. KG. He started off by selling and renting out cranes and other equipment but, by...

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